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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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this is out international from moscow it's midnight thirty moscow time these are all top stories thousands gathered in the streets of tel aviv israel faces the biggest anti-government demonstrations in the country in years the protesters say they are afraid of provocation. another plan to avoid a u.s. debt default fails as the republican controlled house of representatives objects a bill for cuts proposed by the democrats from take back room in continues to try
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to reach a deal before tuesday's deadline with president obama congress to come to an agreement. and s.s. veterans and gathered for the annual march in the stony of what is once again caused outrage among activists who say turning a blind eye to such meetings can lead to more tragedies similar to what happened in norway. next to an artery to moscow out same trouble to the tourist friendly city use a petersburg with a guide for you to the top hotels and restaurants that. i'll let you i walk into st petersburg on the space program i'll be exploring the
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barriers hotels our restaurants in the city the new venues opening every single week it's certainly an exciting time. growing the glorious for the well i'm a late evening light and it's one true party town about maybe it's time for me to check into my hotel. depending on your budget the city offers a boss choice of hotels ranging from comfortable small hotels to look far star. today i'm sure going into the southeast coast bridge her towel when you arrive know to the hotel will take your passport and say your fish registration for you this is standard practice so don't worry if they keep for a few hours. very popular with tourists and business people from all over the world provides excellent service wonderful furnishings and the most up to date i mean if he's. staying here will be an experience you'll never forget. we have a very noisy mixture of customers coming from the summer. to
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manage runs of international companies plenty of tourists from russia finland all over europe if you're visiting the former capital on a budget but she does hotel accommodation insipidus but can be found at whole the soviet era hotels some of which go for economy cost rooms as well as more comfortable renovated interiors. such as circus and it's time for me to go to my room even though such rooms are more expensive sometimes. apartments or suites can work out cheaper especially when charged a room instead of a person wherever you decide to stay do your math research for deals and office on the internet. through an expensive breakfast buffets and how many times you might need taxis for example because often you'd be surprised the high end hotels you want come cheaper in the long run. as of more than three hundred rooms there are various luxury apartments and suites like this one here perfect for families and
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celebrity on surprises they come with several connecting bedrooms and a large living room with kitchen facilities so whenever you're bored of eating out don't worry as you can always make the good old trusted carry here it's that. time to eat and we've arrived after lesser opens in two thousand and seven this one teacher is one of the brightest newcomers and stupidest most restaurant scene question mushmouth playing around a new feature is very squeezing. in tallinn japanese and russian dishes in our major tearing muses well and also wide variety of tasty beautiful does there are things. looking is advise if you want to eat here soft sofas in pillows easy lounge music in ambience be to people and simply this bloke school just sky this is the ideal place for dinner after a busy day of sightseeing. now it's time for me to travel through is. gorgeous a burial and
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a good thing i love about the city is all the hidden locations if you do your research take a look on the internet all the local guys you'll find some incredible places new restaurants popping up every week and teressa here i think has the best location in the city just look at the stunning because i could be drunk behind us and just by the down the road you can see the church of the spells love a good bye i'm curious as want to sell some cause at solitaire at subzero temps like. well. absolutely beautiful. city known for its revolutions over the last ten years there's been a different type of uprising that of the restaurant and hotel scene times have changed in the former capital now offer some of the best food and lodgings in russia and to discuss that with an influence and development of simply displaced cultural scene that speaks this week's gets. to me very nicely so
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you're the general manager here at the hotel yes and i've been here like since january ok i'll leave in some petersburg and in russia you know for four years but i came here in general. i definitely think that this is my thing so so so every every morning when i wake up i can't wait to. start my day so you know if things have different hotels and restaurants are opening every single week in the city at the moment you know this is just. like when i came here look four years ago they were basically just a few feist wife store holders in the mortgages but now we are getting more and more not only for the store but also also told us in some other segments or for for all the old of travelers who wants to come to some he was rich so now it's currently white knight and surely you must see a huge influx of tourists coming to the city. is the greatest actually yeah no
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need to what bankrolled i come from from finland from hills and you know we have exactly the same thing but they have done so with the white knights here so so so i don't understand that what people chose some people spirit is that it's just because upon theme i say that but the great job well done great great great p.r. actions marketing acts and this is this is the time of the year to come here if you want to enjoy. with this beautiful lies are all of you so i'm regarding cultural activities it seems that the list is absolutely endless from pigs a half to captain's palace the boat trips it's amazing yes that's true but on the other hand i would love to say that the there are no younger generation who comes to experience life here experience like life. they don't even need those excuses that there's a bus next to the next to the hole though they just want to see how the life goes
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here or they rather go or clubbing you know this is the great city also that it's good for all worst most top so while it's wonderful it was great to you all day out best of luck with your time paradise out thank you it was nice to meet you too. will be on and what other hotels and restaurants i was mentioning in some pieces but the backpackers there are some great places to stay in the north of capital which would burn a hole in your pocket location ha situated in the heart of the city of his wonderful views of our square from its windows when prices here started just six hundred rubles that's roughly around twenty jonah's a night the concepts hostel as they call it also both contemplative zines and friendly and international atmosphere not only will he be given a pass for the night but as the host still supports many artistic projects they also offer advice on the most he can happily venusian events in the city. livable scrammed one of our projects is an occasion how still it is
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a nontraditional city niger featuring the most interesting places in the city in our humble opinion and includes information on where to downstate our shop and there are all kinds of places from flea markets to concepts stores from two to five star places the slides i use. when visiting look around for many of the city's yards and many of them you'll find because the restaurants the flow meeting wolf is so cool living room restaurants. the interiors of it several holes in terraced are indeed very homey and if you're traveling with children there's even a special room for them. next up the new ball pools twenty to thirty inspired with travelling around the world it's jungle if you just owners can create a fashionable place for lunches and also cocktails after dark. the bombing at the venue make amazing drinks and there's also a sweet shop here ten locker rooms to take away please. that's
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been my writing on the interior is who wanted the venue to represent whom and family come for it's for example the cell phone was brought from the flagship show now it's week in paris it took a long time to proceed the owner to sell it she didn't understand what i needed the old one towns over for which we believe in our energy and philosophy and furnishings but history. the dome we too bought and cafe is located in a soviet building of the same name meaning consumer services center it's interiors with old furniture resembles the atmosphere of an apartment in the times of the u.s.s.r. . during the day there are dishes of russian and your pain cuisine on the menu well at nights the venue turns into a loud busy nightclub. next up and we've arrived at our final location the new w. hotel. launched in one thousand nine hundred eight the brand has since expanded with over fifty hotels and resorts around the world. if you're looking for stylish
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accommodation call find better than the trust to double your best hotel recently and already it's packed full of the who's who of st petersburg high as jackson tourists with just one hundred thirty seven rooms the service is impeccable personal if you do stay here but i do recommend that you bring your credit card. as well as a spectacular rooftop bar and the bliss pool and spa the hotel boasts a restaurant cool mix. it invites guests who enjoy killing every muscle pieces by island to cast a mass of french cooking in the world records meant for the number of michelin stars then. st petersburg is amazing cultural historic and ground and we should try our best to harmonize the cuisine with the city's spirits through to be tough policy and of the same time reasonably priced to be the best of all of these things it does. the families of the north is a great city for dining out with restaurants to suit every pocket from humble
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backpack is to a list celebrities as for accommodation simply start hotels range from grand historic prophecies to budgets many hotels and wherever that may be inside his back it's ultimately the wealth of culture and history that will amaze you and most of that is true for a. very nice so where do you sleep eat all visit here and say it is bad business you will not fail to disappoint and that's all the time we have on this week's program so i'll see you again at the same time next week for more adventures around the former russian capital until then for me and the rest of the crew from the beach for the balance of the never read. but i.
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will come to the. what needs to be big splash in the world of high tech business what turns events science into i can't use products they don't understand oh he'll try he's a skeptic he followed russian innovators to each of bidders and brought in their big breakthrough back. sunlight on stuff on technology update here on. we've got the future covered. british study says sometimes that's because. the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in cars reforged.
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please. just say. see. if.
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top stories from r.t. thousands are gathering on the streets of tel aviv as israel faces the biggest anti-government demonstrations in the country years the protesters say they're afraid of violent provocation. another plan to avoid a u.s. debt default fails as the republican controlled house of representatives rejects a bill for cuts proposed by the democrats frantic backroom haggling continues to try to reach a deal before tuesday's deadline with president of congress to come to an agreement . recess veterans have gathered for a annual march in the stonier but it's once again caused outrage among activists
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sousse say turning a blind eye to such meetings could lead to more tragedies similar to what happened . what was more for us of our tea got caught. well i already did this for three years and these are the headlines. tussles inform angie with the three million former champions rybin in one of three top flight battles in the russian particularly. while red bull flying sebastian vettel edges out lewis hamilton in qualifying for the hungary to go on please take his eight ball position of the season. on the tender touch weekly it'll give you a boost he's not feeling the pressure off to becoming the twenty eight charles price paid goaltender. and we start with football where inform angie have made frog rubin's of four sports calling and shot three nil trancing of the twice former
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champions on their home turf in cars and the first half was a tentative affair and then six minutes after the interval result legend read the call us a long range free kick at goal would be met mind that so gave these because it was guilty of a howler as much as he of interest is off then midway through the second half of this process found ahead of an exam that could equal the stones important musical for spurs top flight goal in almost three years and things went from bad to worse for it being. a stoppage time penalty save that that's retake the spot kick but he actually netted profits had eight three nil scoreline undies falling into raptures . rubin streisand's a fist in the standings with spacek moscow two points back only it isn't going to run one tool against japan in this next hearing that that isn't stating at least some of the sponsor clashes have to speak of
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a fifty second use equaliser while in the early kick off that one will know that tom thanks for another goal thinking longer on its afternoon to gold. the speculative about some other free kick was inexplicably humbled by such as you call me a lot of was left with a simple topping up proved to be the difference heck when on the road iberia. well in the meantime someone at so has rejected a lucrative fraud three spelling out injury interland and cameron striker has turned and i recall the twenty million euros a year which would have made him the world's highest paid player instead the thirty year old opted to stay at inter to give himself a chance of competing for what could be a fifth champions league title. now there are two weeks ago until the start of the new premier league season in england and arsenal manager arsene venga says he wants to quickly resolve the future of his captain suspect gas the midfielder is missing from the gun squad for this weekend's emirates cup which were also involved with
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a genius harrison from the red bulls watch the twenty four year old absence has increased speculation could be on his way to barcelona. because. of the moment. he's coming back from injuries not children dos you know that all the speculation. around. his position. could be sorted out and staying in england and liverpool captain steven gerrard he sets to be out until september but science because of an infection in his glory thirty one year old midfielder is now on antibiotics and should be in hospital for several days when surgery have ended gerard season in march but he was expected to return to the start of the new campaign he could also miss england stuart twenty twelve against bulgaria and wales as well as premier league fixtures against arsenal and bolton. moving on to formula one where defending champion sebastian
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vettel edged that lewis hamilton in qualifying for the hungaroring grand prix to take his eight zero position as the season last week's home race in germany was a disappointment that. as the world champion and outside the podium for the first time this year but when you just really broke the curfew on working overnight to overhaul veterans car and changes helped to get back on top edging hummels and by less than two tenths of a second for second the cloud of jenson button lined up headed right leap a master. like mandarin also for the first time this season is when you hungry mark webber starting six. to change a lot on the car overnight and the boys were working pretty hard. and i didn't get much sleep for talking you know if we have a result like this today i think it's the best way to do so you think so i'm very happy and as i said i've got the confidence back today i felt much more comfortable in the car and here and i'm looking forward to tomorrow in tennis russia's top
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ranked man we call usually has failed to reach his first final of the season after the world number fourteen was yet again not in the last four this time the swiss open usenet was seeded third in despair but was broken in the first game and it lasts longer than alors and trailed five one record one hours play he did put one great back and still can see is the opening set six three yet battled back to take the second at the same scoreline and early break gave him and to love looking at the side and all those other six great games installed when a sum of five play compared to another good asto in the final. athletics now and two time olympic level champion elena isn't by over so she's on course to reclaim a world title in south korea next month after the russian won gold at the latest diamond league meeting in stockholm the world record holder meters and seventy six and sweetest. against south. american for so isn't by over
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the last week disappointment. and she no finds it. meanwhile the same boat cruised to victory in the men's two hundred meters in a time of twenty point zero three seconds it was from panama to second to make this any white insert and coming back from a twenty one month drugs ban was the sure merit in the men's four hundred meters the american was happy with his second place finish to make and jimmy gonzalez christopher brown from the bahamas completed the podium carmelita jeter still dominates the women's one hundred meters the american one in eleven point one five seconds it was a strong headwind. in rugby union defending champions new zealand claimed their biggest ever winning margin over the springboks on home turf as they thrashed south africa forty point seven in the tri nations in the wings and winger cory jane made his case to be included in the all blacks world cup squad scoring
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a stunning try in the thirty third minute helped give the hosts an eighteen seven halftime lead. iran added another try five minutes after the break that both also went over twice to new zealand it's right profit and clean slate done caught up also we claimed the all time test point record for england's jonny wilkinson and converted a penalty his first of ten points to south africa the result was their second defeat of this year's trying nations having also muster a stray or easy and will face next weekend in oakland. and the new much is expected of ice hockey player in this girl off after the russian became the high step of a goal tender however the thirty one year old believes he is up to the challenge and looking forward to joining his new team the philadelphia flyers. so.
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they'll feed server is successful organization. they have was so that be able to video ownership they have all the stuff which some highs coal in hockey perspective the always wants to win the stanley cup can be produced only i like the city they spend the money they give it to the players everything they want they want you know they need a result. first of all feeling it's a hard media but i think i'm ready for the dealing with the media the pressure point they've heard i signed a contract with the understanding all consequences could be in our hands i'm i'm reading for these and i want to make i want to carry this team because i bring the phoenix coastwise to the play but we don't have a success it's partially my fault you know special this year but you
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know since. it's nothing so new for me. when i play i don't think of god and when you specially you know when you signed a big contract it's nice you you know your family your children see the security no way you can or a lot changes for it because you don't question the sport so. you can be filled with. car changers to know a. car you don't ever think of copying you know a few kids do something like a mole just to give you more. natural lives to. more kind of a freedom to play and.
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be in the media of nine easy one day play and just start come over to the united states who was making from very different kountry right. there with the talent. brain trust if you want to buy some food you can you can buy you want you can buy a car you know you can you can you can get whatever you like you're right. compared to the so you at union and probably someplace was not ready for this you know. operation. soup discipline right now as you can since. the states. are so. widely.
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believed. before are right now playing n.h.l. they have a good trip they have no problems with. management iraq just. me they added she would. say and that's all this cause i think so. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on r.t. . twenty years ago the largest country in the. to certain places of the. us had been
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you can make. each began a journey. where did it take.
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